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California Exotic Novelties

2084-45-3y Average customer rating:

Body & Soul Transcend

A unique combination of a powerful body...

Sales price: 22,22 €

Product details

0611-50-3x Average customer rating:

Thrusting Jack Rabbit

Rabbit vibrator

Sales price: 91,47 €

Product details

0044-70-3x Average customer rating:

Body & Soul Duplicity

Body & Soul™…Life, Love, and Lust…Set...

Sales price: 17,94 €

Product details

14 Average customer rating:

Body & Soul Seduction

Seamless, silky smooth massagers

Sales price: 20,51 €

Product details

4735-20-3x Average customer rating:

Entice Isabella

Dual stimulation vibrator

Sales price: 42,74 €

Product details

0065-10-3x Average customer rating:

Posh Mini Delight1

Playful, powerful mini Silicone...

Sales price: 18,80 €

Product details

0749-12-2n Average customer rating:

Tidal Wave™ Waterproof Jelly Dong 5.75"

Sales price: 24,78 €

Product details

0699-25-3y Average customer rating:

Body & Soul Tryst

Powerful independent dual motors,...

Sales price: 58,98 €

Product details

0661-00-3x Average customer rating:

Thrusting Orgasm Thrusting Bunny

Rabbit vibrator

Sales price: 111,99 €

Product details

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